Making a Bitcoin Deposit

When creating your account a unique bitcoin “cash-in” wallet address is created on our server and linked to your player account. This address can be used instantly to make a Bitcoin deposit.

Making a Bitcoin deposits into your poker account is almost instant and only requires 2 conformations from the Blockchain before being credited to your account.

The conversion rate to chips is 10.000 (ten thousand) chips per Bitcoin. The minimum deposit is 10 Chips = 0,0010 BTC ≈ 10 USDT (BTC course dependent).

Making a Bitcoin Withdrawal

Making a withdraw is just as simple as making a deposit. We quickly and reliably send withdrawals to any BTC address you specify when requesting your withdrawal.

Occasionally, during periods of high transaction volumes, it may take up to twelve hours to process a withdrawal. However, the majority of requests is processed in hours, not days.

The Minimum withdrawal amount is 10 Chips = 0,0010 BTC ≈ 10 USDT (BTC course dependent). The maximum is 10.000 Chips (1 BTC) per day (unless otherwise stated or agreed).

Where can I get Bitcoins?

Bitcoin Merchants and Exchanges:

Purchasing Bitcoin might be easier than you think. A wide selection of reputable and regulated Bitcoin Merchants and Exchanges have emerged in the last years. We recommend the following sites to buy or sell BTC:

Recommended Bitcoin Wallets:

Your Bitcoin wallet is where you keep your bitcoins. Your wallet can be located with your merchant, a 3rd party provider or you can keep your wallet local on your computer. Being your own Bank is great, don’t be scared of it!